Life is hard enough for renters in Philadelphia. It's already among the priciest places to rent in the country, and renters have a near inability to save money at the end of the month. A new report from gives renters without a skyline view one more thing to lament: Philadelphia has the fourth most rooftop decks in the country.

The listing agency ranked cities according to the number of apartment listings with the sought-after amenity. Philadelphia finished behind Dallas (2,767 community decks) and Denver (2,794 communities), as well as the nation's most decked-out city — New York with a whopping 50,275 rooftop deck listings. By the agency's calculation, Philadelphia boasts move than 1,100 rooftop deck listings. San Francisco rounds out the top five with 867 roof decks.

While the views might be lovely in San Francisco, be-mountained in Denver, and full of skyline intrigue in New York, there's only one city that gives you views of the cradle of liberty. And there's a pretty big difference between a shared rooftop deck (even when they come with amenities like fire pits and hot tubs) and one atop a rowhouse you have all to yourself.