The logic goes that the happier singles are with dating in a given metro area, the happier they might be to rent there. Which is why Apartment List reviewed survey responses from about 11,000 American singles to determine which metros were best for dating. News for Philadelphians is mixed.

Locally, 43 percent of singles are satisfied with the dating opportunities they find in Philadelphia. That makes Philadelphia 37 of 70 metro areas ranked in the survey. That rate is just north of the national satisfaction rate of 42 percent. Men reported significantly higher rates of satisfaction (49 percent) than women in town (40 percent). That disparity was among the highest in the field. Philadelphians with a college degree were also more likely to be satisfied with their dating opportunities, with 52 percent of those with a bachelor's degree or higher reporting satisfaction.

Madison, Charleston and Denver topped the national list of metros where singles were most satisfied (in that order). The report also noted that the northeastern part of the United States had the highest concentration of dissatisfied cities. Syracuse, New York and Bridgeport and New Haven, Connecticut, reported the lowest satisfaction levels in the nation.

Apartment List