Nationally, the median home price is about $200,000. Analysts at PropertyShark have released a study looking at exactly how much space that budget would provide in the country's largest cities. Taking into account the average price per square foot in each of the cities, the answers are not very promising for the East Coast.

In Boston, New York and Washington, D.C., $200,000 won't even buy you 500 square feet. Not surprisingly, Manhattan is where buyers will get the least out of a median budget, at just 126 square feet. Researchers split Brooklyn from the rest of the boroughs, too. Buyers there will get a whopping 451 square feet.

Considering all of this, Philadelphia — where $200,000 can buy you 1,558 square feet — looks like an absolute oasis.

Also looking positively palatial by comparison are Las Vegas (at 1,818), Orlando (at 1,992), Nashville (at 2,109) and San Antonio (at 3,249). But the city with the absolute most square feet for the dollar? Cleveland. The rock-and-roll capital of the world offers 3,769 square feet of living space for your $200,000.