When Ed Stranquist and his wife, Catherine, bought their Moorestown home, it was like walking into a renovation time capsule.

"We were the third family to own the property since its original build date of 1895," he said. "The home had been untouched since 1954."


But the untouched state of the home was one of the things that appealed to the couple, Stranquist said.

"Any amount of renovation would not have to go to undoing somebody else's renovation," he said.

The couple also was drawn to the property's proximity to historic Main Street and to an existing  in-law suite.

"The idea of being near our downtown had huge appeal for both of us," Stranquist said.


The couple purchased the home in 2008 and undertook extensive renovations before moving in.

"The entire process took roughly two years longer than I had estimated it would," Stranquist said. "In the end, [it] elevated my wife to the status of angel."

The project involved taking the home down to the studs and starting from scratch.

"The renovation was a full-blown interior-exterior redo," Stranquist said.

Today, the modern 7,000-plus-square-foot home features five full baths and two powder rooms, as well as a gym and home theater.

Stranquist said his favorite parts of the home are two of the home's seven bedrooms.


"My favorite part of the home has got to the be the oversized master bedroom," he said. "Did we mention it is about 1,300 square feet?"

The other bedroom is the in-law suite where both his mother and his mother-in-law spent time living with the family.

"The most meaningful part of the home has to be the in-law suite," he said. "Our parents are one-of-a-kind individuals and the ability to help them, be with them daily, learn to love them all over again in their final years can sometimes heal the upsets from any amount of years prior."

The family has recently decided to list the home for sale. Stranquist said he thinks new buyers will be grateful for the updates to the property.

"I feel the home will exceed most buyers' wish lists," he said.