Ann Sacks bought her first condo in the building at the northwest corner of 17th Street and South Rittenhouse Square 5½ years ago. She just recently acquired her second unit there.

"When another unit came up in my building, I snapped it up," she said.

Sacks was looking for more room for entertaining and to accommodate her crafting and sewing supplies. She loved her experience in the building so much that looking for another unit there seemed like a natural move.

"I think it's a great building," she said. "We have great door people, and they really take care of us, so I feel very safe."

In addition to desk staff, the condo fees at the building include cable and internet service, as well as building management including exterior maintenance. Sacks said each unit in the building is different — another draw.

"It's very unique," she said.

The kitchen has been upgraded.
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The kitchen has been upgraded.

The unit for sale initially attracted her for its floor plan and views.

"You can see the square from my back door," she said.

The two-bedroom, two-bath unit also includes private balcony.

"It's very sunny in the morning," Sacks said. "The eastern sun comes right in."

Sacks said she has improved the unit over time, upgrading lighting, adding new appliances, and installing built-in shelving in the living room, den and master bath.

"I went along slowly, adding to things," she said. "I'm very concentrated on making sure things function well."

Of course, the condo's location adjacent to Rittenhouse Square was another attraction.

"It feels friendly and is very walkable," Sacks said. "It has so many great amenities in a small area."

She said her new condo in the building offered different views, but the extra space convinced her to list her first condo for sale.

"I hate giving it up," she said.

The unit has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.
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The unit has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.