When Alexis Sherman and her husband, Jon, were in the market for a property in 2012, they knew they wanted more space — inside and out.

"We were, at the time, living in a two-bedroom apartment," she said.

She kept her eye on listings in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood and ultimately found a three-bedroom, 1,316-square foot rowhouse.

"It was larger than any of the houses we had been looking at within our budget," she said. "It was nicely renovated, and we loved that there were two outdoor spaces, as our apartment had none."


In addition to a third-floor deck, the property includes an enclosed patio out back.

"When the warm weather hits, we love to open the French doors and extend our living space out to the patio," Sherman said.

She said the couple was also eager to leave the troubles of Center City parking behind, along with their apartment in the neighborhood.

"The parking situation we have found to be much better than the Rittenhouse-Center City area we came from," Sherman said. "Typically, we do not have issues finding spots, even later at night."

Because the home had been recently renovated before their purchase, Sherman said, they focused their upgrades on the outdoor spaces and the mechanicals. They replaced decking and fencing, as well as the home's HVAC system and water heater.

"We thankfully didn't have to do much aesthetically once we purchased," she said.

Courtesy Keller Williams

Sherman said life in the growing neighborhood has been good to the family.

"We love our neighborhood," she said. "In the past five years, we have watched several young families move in — some who have become friends of ours and our son."

Sherman said the family has enjoyed its time in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood, but it's time for them to move on.

"Although we enjoy all aspects of city living, we've decided to start the home search in the suburbs to be closer to family," she said.

Courtesy Keller Williams