The Fourth of July is almost here, a time for picnics, barbecues, firecrackers, baseball games, and trips to the beach.

Ahead of the holiday, people across the country were asked what famous Revolutionary-era American they would most like to have dinner with.

The hands-down favorite? Benjamin Franklin.

Visit Philadelphia, the tourism group that promotes Philadelphia's historic district, did the research using Google Surveys.

Of the 2,000 who responded, 38.1 percent said they would most like to share a meal with Franklin, while 24.6 percent said George Washington, and 17.7 percent answered Betsy Ross.

Alexander Hamilton, despite the smash Broadway musical Hamilton bearing his name, came in fourth at 10.6 percent, while nine percent said they'd like to dine with John Adams.

They were also asked what they'd like to drink with their favorite historical figure.

The beverage of choice with Franklin was beer, followed by whiskey. Beer was the top drink with Washington, and then tea.

Those raising a glass with Ross opted for tea, and wine second. Top beverages to share with Hamilton and Adams were beer, and then whiskey.