Philadelphia is a vibrant city with a lot of things to do. That's great, but also creates a problem: Where do you park?

Parking in the city might seem difficult, but it just takes some planning. If you're looking to check out that new restaurant in Center City, visit the riverfront at Penn's Landing or plan on stopping by the next big event on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, you should have a parking game plan in advance. Here's some tips to help you out.

On-street parking

Be mindful of your surroundings if you want to park on Philadelphia streets. In Center City and University City, you'll notice parking kiosks that accept cards, bills and coins as payment for parking.

In many other spots throughout the city, you'll see the classic coin-operated meters.

Anytime meters are involved, make sure to read the nearby signs carefully. They indicate the hours during which the meter must be paid and any time limits that may be in place. Also, when in residential neighborhoods, be mindful of signs that require parking permits and that have time limits for visitors.

You can find more details about on-street parking on the Philadelphia Parking Authority's website.

Parking garages

On-street parking might not be a viable option, especially if you plan on spending a long amount of time at your destination, so you might want to go the parking garage route.

The Philadelphia Parking Authority operates a number of garages and off-street lots across the city. Hours of operations and prices vary so make sure to review the list to find the garage that's best for your trip. You can also search based on popular destinations, venues, landmarks and neighborhoods.

PPA-operated garages span a number of tourist-heavy areas including Old City and the Parkway and there are a number of privately-owned garages/lots throughout the city.

Parking near SEPTA transportation

Perhaps your ultimate destination requires hopping on one of SEPTA's modes of transportation. Most of SEPTA's Regional Rail stations offer parking as do several transit stations. Fees can vary depending on station, lot and day of the week.

One thing to remember when parking at SEPTA facilities is that lots often fill up fast during busy commute times. That means early in the morning, you might want to get there as early as possible.

Parking at popular venues

If a concert, game, or other event has you out and about, you'll want to do your homework on venue-specific parking information. Here is the parking information for a few places you'll probably find yourself visiting often in Philadelphia.

Hopefully this information makes your parking quest in Philly a slightly easier one.