Here is an excerpt of Craig LaBan's online chat of Jan. 3, 2017:

Reader: Curious what your favorite bar eats are in Fishtown? I know you gave high praise to Lloyd, was wondering where else. I'm talking more casual bar food.


Well, people should not forget about Johnny Brenda's, which got the ball rolling to begin with in Fishtown. I was impressed with what current chef Adam Diltz was doing when I visited last year. Also a fan of the Fishtown Tavern, and Root, though that wine bar's a bit more refined than your typical bar, which is partly what made it different and interesting.

Great wines, though, and a pair of the best burgers in town, including the mushroom duxelles. Also, I know it's not technically Fishtown, but I'm a big fan of what's happening over at Martha in Kensington, where everything is locally sourced, and you should really try the jawn hoagie (or whatever they call it, but it reminds me that Lebanon bologna is an underused local flavor), as well as some of the pickles and pierogi, if they have them.

Reader: $4 burnt-end sandwiches at Fette Sau happy hour.


Good call!

Reader: Fette Sau happy hour is certainly a good one. A $20 bill can feed you, fill you with good beer, and still leave a 20 percent tip.

C.L.: Happy hour is the way to go at Fette Sau if you can swing it . . . those BBQ short ribs (and full-price bourbon) can add up quick.

STEVEN M. FALK / Staff Photographer
The butterscotch pudding at Lloyd, 529 E. Girard Ave.