You're curled on the couch under a heated blanket for a Sunday afternoon veg-fest, and your mini-me is snuggled up next to you. What is she bundled in?

The trendlet

A Sleeper Sac, of course. One part sleeping bag, one part luxe blanket, these perfect-for-cuddling nighttime-into-daytime items - with pillows and matching pajama bottoms - will keep your cuddle buddy cute and warm. Think high-fashion kiddie Snuggie.

Where does it come from?

The latest in sleepover fashion is courtesy of Stacy O'Leary, founder of 10-year-old Penelope Wilberry, a Las Vegas tween-fashion company.

Two years ago, O'Leary began fashioning youngsters' hoodies and blankets from mink microfleece. O'Leary's husband, Ziggy, drew on them the graffiti-style images of emojis, candy, peace signs, tubes of lipstick, and skulls.

In March, inspired by tweens' love of sleepovers, she designed a 30-by-60-inch bag. Today, the sacks are sold in 300 specialty stores throughout the country.

Who is sleeping in it?

Francesca Capaldi, who starred in the Disney Channel sitcom Dog with a Blog. Tweens at summer camp. Even moms who find it comforting to hang in sacks covered with to-go Frappuccinos and lattes.

Would Elizabeth sleep in one?

Yes - especially if mine were customized with glasses of wine with generous pours.

Should you (or your kids) sleep in one?

Cozy and soft, they are good for your kids' sleepovers or sleep-ins. And if you are the grown-up who has a little one still nestled inside her, go for it.


Model Annie Nathan, 11, of Huntingdon Valley. Sleeper Sacs are sold locally at Down to Earth Kids, 418 Germantown Pike, Lafayette Hill, 610-941-3336.