Just like your flowing tresses, red lips, or that favorite scarf, you can be identified by your signature scent. Looking for a new perfume to define the ever-evolving you? Follow these tips from Perfumology's Nir Guy.

1. Know what you do (and don't) like. Do you smile at even the slightest hint of musk? Do too many florals make your stomach turn? Know before you shop. Before pleasing anyone else with the new essence of you, you must please yourself.

2. Don't box yourself in. There may be something you don't like, but it could smell different when mixed differently. Patchouli blended with vanilla will have a different aroma than if mixed with sandalwood. Sometimes, Guy says, it's better not to know what specifically is in the fragrance until your nose tells you whether you like it.

3. Don't be afraid of complicated scents.  We tend to wear heavier scents (musks, vanillas, and sandalwoods) in the winter and lighter ones (fruitier florals) in the summer. Guy says it's OK not to follow this strict seasonal rule. But if you find your signature scent is earthy, go lighter on the spritzing as the weather heats up.

4.  Try it on and wear it for a few days before you buy it. You have  to live with your scent. If you can't suppress the urge to smile when you sniff the inside of your wrist, you've chosen the right one.

5. Have fun with it.  I was serious about having a one-fits-all perfume, but Guy says that's no fun. Consider at least two: one for every day, and one for special occasions. After all, Guy says, "You don't wear the same pair of shoes every day, do you?" He's right.