I know I'm in the minority here.

But I must admit, I'm a fan of RompHim, Aced Design's romper for dudes.

Why? Because the idea makes me laugh.

Every time I see the gaggle of chiseled, bearded hipsters enjoying life in the sleek-fitting onsie  in a range of ice cream-colored hues, I crack up. Tears stream from my eyes. What's not to like? This is eye candy at its best.

It's time we let go of all of these staid rules about men's fashion and how we define masculinity. Men shouldn't wear glitter. Men shouldn't wear skirts. Men shouldn't wear this. Men shouldn't wear that.


Earlier this month, Aced Designs debuted RompHim on  Kickstarter with the goal of raising $10,000. This week, their story went viral on social media.  The internet had a field day with the majority of folks giving the rompers a thumbs down. But as of  today, the fashion geniuses have well surpassed their goal and raised  more than $130,000, thanks to more than 1,200 backers. (The investment continues to climb, by the minute.)

Clearly I'm not the only one tickled by this.

Furthermore, RompHims are natty and neat.  (Aren't we always complaining about guys being lazy, messy,  unwilling to embrace new styles, and wearing their pants too low?) The monochromatic ones could easily be mistaken for a collared, short-sleeved shirt tucked into short shorts. This is all so throwback Sean Connery in James Bond CHiPs, Magnum PI and Hawaii 5-O.

Should a dude decide to wear a paint-splattered or floral-hued RompHim, it would be proof  that men's fashion will never be bland again.

Not to mention, versatile. Guys can wear RompHims with AirForce Ones or slip ons. Why not throw a blazer over a RompHim? (It didn't bother me when Pharrell Williams wore short-sets on the red carpet a few years ago, either.)

If a grown man wants to head to Coachella, Firefly, or even the Roots Picnic in a seersucker, one-piece shorts set complete with button fly, I say let him. Let him worry about if his butt looks too big. Let his thighs chafe.

I will enjoy looking at his legs.

And continue to giggle inside.