Jewelry has been in the midst of a serious stacking moment for what seems like forever now, whether we are piling on bangles, layering necklaces, or sporting earrings that look like they're crawling up the lobe.

Then a Manayunk jeweler asked this crucial question: Why stack when you can wrap?

The trendlet

The result: the Wrap Ring, a delicate sterling-silver chain affixed with faux diamond-cut stones — Swarovski —  that wraps around the finger like a not-so-stretchy rubber band.

Where does it come from?

Lisa Popowich, the creative mind behind the nearly 30-year-old company Think Tank, also is behind the Wrap Ring. (You may be familiar with the company's Doc Tock, a bracelet or necklace that lists medical issues in case of emergency.)

Three years ago, Popowich lost one of her mother-in-law's vintage diamond studs. How do you wear one vintage diamond stud when you've lost the other? Popowich tried different ways of wearing the remaining diamond; eventually, she attached it to a chain and wrapped it around her index finger. The proverbial lightbulb went on, and she started trying to figure out how this could comfortably be done.

Fast-forward to this year and Popowich, 59, has a patent pending for her newfangled jewelry design. The rings retail for $38 online; it won't be long, Popowich said, before they are available at a gift shop near you.

Who is wearing them?

So far they've caught the eye of "Siggy" Flicker of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Maya Jade Frank from the Disney Channel's Bizaardvark.

Would Elizabeth wear them?

Those are my fingers pictured, and I'm wearing them as I type. The clasp doesn't hurt and there is no itching. So, cute and comfy.