I'm not old, but I'm getting older.

I know this because of technology.

Meanwhile, where do I even begin with the story?

Let's start with the time a few months ago, when I trip over a dog gate, go flying, and can't walk.

I've been hobbling around since then.

Seriously, I'm bent over like the old witch in Snow White. Plus, I have stringy gray hair and a big nose.

All I need is the carbuncle.

Oh, wait.

Never mind.


But not the point herein.

I hobble around for about three weeks, barely able to straighten up, much less sit or drive, and so I finally get my butt to an orthopedist, who takes an MRI and tells me that I have a labral tear in my hip.

At first I thought I heard him wrong.

I didn't think my labral was in my hip.

I got it mixed up with another body part, which should give you an idea of how good I was at sex.

Kind of not very.

But, honestly, who cares anyway?

I'm great at writing!

Anyway, it turns out that a labral tear is a tear in the ligament that's somewhere in your hip joint, and when I leave the doctor's office, he gives me a DVD of my MRI.

Like a party favor for the middle-aged.

I take it home, and the first thing I want to do is look at my MRI.

Which is when I realized I don't have a DVD player in any of my computers.


I don't even know when that happened.

I seem to remember that I got new computers a year or so ago, because I like to have a nice big screen. And I don't mind spending the money, because all I do all day is stare at a computer, and the least I can do is have a nice one. But I never really noticed that they didn't have a slot for a DVD.

So I went over to my big TV, figuring that I could watch my MRI on TV, like a medical reality show, maybe one called Your Labral Isn't What You Think It Is. I managed to locate my DVD player underneath the TV, but it needed to be hooked up, since I am addicted to Netflix and haven't watched a real DVD in a long time. It took me a full hour of struggling to hook it up, and even then, I couldn't get it to work.

Which is when it struck me.

I am so ancient that I have lived through several stages of technology, like the Jurassic and Pleistocene Eras of dinosaurs.

I remember when there were VHS tapes because I still have them.

I remember when there were camcorders because I filmed Francesca when she was a baby, plus static scenes of my feet, with me saying, "Is this thing on or off?"

Now I have lived through DVDs, which sucks, because I have an entire set of operas in DVD that I was saving to watch in my retirement. By the time I retire, operas will be transported telepathically into your brain.

Plus, I paid to have those camcorder tapes of Francesca transferred onto DVDs, and now there's no such thing as DVD players.

So you're getting a fairly complete picture of what life is like as me, which I'm hoping is like life as you, too.

Who here remembers actual records?

I do.

Who remembers little 45s?

I do.

Who remembers cassette tapes?

I do.

How about trying to rewind them and having them unspool out of the slot like brown tinsel?

I know. Me too.

So there you have it. Many of us live a life measured in obsolete technological stages.

It's enough to make your hip hurt.

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