Q: I just saw the new movie Girls Trip. There's a lot of talk of sex in it and I want to know if people really do that grapefruit technique they talk about it.

Mia: I haven't seen the movie yet but if it's what I think it is, it definitely is a thing and has been for a while now. Here's the PG version of how it works: A cored grapefruit goes over a guy's equipment prior to oral sex. It supposedly stimulates the feel of a real-life vagina, so it's sort of like a two-for one deal. Get it? I'm no doctor, but it seems harmless enough provided no one has a citrus allergy. An orange would probably work too. In the film, the actress [Tiffany Haddish] uses a banana that she pushes through a grapefruit to show how it works. There's a lot of information about the so-called grapefruit technique online, so Google it if you need detailed, step-by-step details. A woman named Auntie Angel reportedly is responsible for popularizing the technique. Here's a link to her website: www.angelseroticsolutions.com

Steve: Given the billions of years of humans, is there anything that hasn't happened sexually? Heck, that's a sex act that could've happened before electricity. Or before humans for that matter. You ever see those grasshoppers? The big ones. The one that ate little ones. Katy lied, you can see it in her eyes.

Q: I am approaching 70 years old and for some reason becoming obsessed with former girlfriends. Old friends are easy to track down because of all the information on websites. My wife died five years ago and I've been dating a new woman for two years now. She thinks men digging up old girlfriends (or boyfriends by women) is a bad idea, but it seems like I think about it all the time now. Any advice?

Mia: Yeah, knock it off. I'm sorry but I'm with your girlfriend on this. Your interest in reuniting former lovers is a sign that the current one ain't cutting it. If that's the case, you might need to let her go instead of dragging her through your I-woulda-coulda-shoulda scavenger hunt.

Steve: Depends on you and your girlfriend. Is she paranoid? Or just nervous? If she's paranoid there's not much you can do. But if she's just nervous, make her feel secure if you really care about her. Our thoughts on old girlfriends and boyfriends are sweet, but a bit unrealistic. It's the negative stuff we forget about as years go by. If the gal was so great, why did you two break up? I have no problem with meetings with old girlfriends and boyfriends. And seeing them will erase the good-only thoughts you are now having. But you can still be friends.

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