So I met this girl about a couple of months ago and really like her but she’s a little bit of a clean freak.  She makes me take my shoes off before I come in her apartment and if I sit on her bed she totally freaks out. She has placemats on the floor of her apartment. Even with my shoes off, I have to step on those so my smelly feet don’t touch her carpet. I have to be freshly showered before she will even let me think of having sex with her.  I took a sip of my buddy’s beer at a party and afterwards she refused to kiss me until I brushed my teeth and gargled. Is that normal? I’m confused.

Mia: Dude, don't ignore the signs. You may be okay with the way things are now but what if she adds on more  rules you have to follow? Think about easing out of the relationship and finding someone who's not a germaphobe. You don't have to leave her today. But it might be a good idea to not invest too much going forward and to start planning an exit.

Steve: You are not confused, she is and needs mental help. You need to put distance between yourself and Ms. Clean.

My new boyfriend is an awful kisser. When we kiss, It feels like he is sucking my tongue out of my head. How do I get him to stop?

Mia: Oh that's easy! Immediately cease all tongue play. When he asks you why, tell him what you just told us. Don't be mean about it. Then grab his face demonstrate how you want him to kiss you.  Have fun!

Steve: Mia's right and I will emphasize be gentle so as to not crack his delicate male ego. <wink, wink>