During sex, this guy I’m seeing secretly removed the condom. I didn’t notice until too late and now I am besides myself. I confronted him and he apologized.  I know I wasn’t raped but I feel almost like I was.

Mia: That's called stealthing and it's a form of sexual assault. It's dangerous because it exposes an unwitting partner to all kinds of possible risks such as unwanted pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases. Last fall, two member of Congress called for a joint hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on the nefarious practice, but that's as far as it's gotten at this point. Much more needs to be done on this since a whole lot of people don't realize the seriousness of this.

Steve: Key phrase: "I confronted him and he apologized." Which means he only admitted his loutish behavior after getting caught.  Dump him. Immediately.  And go get an STD test to be safe.

I love my boyfriend. We’ve been together for three years. My problem is his mother who wants him all to herself so he’s always at her house. We’ve been talking about getting married and I think I should be the priority in his life – not her. How can I get this through his head? We broke up over it but I took him back because I missed him so much. We’re technically on a break but still spend time together. How do I get him to put me first?

Mia: You can't. You can't either wait his mother out (she's not going to live forever) or accept that with this mama's boy, mama is still No. 1.

Steve: Even in 2018, it is still technically illegal to throw Mama from the train. So it's time to roll this relationship under the bus. Blame the mom. She earned it.