Me and my child’s father were together seven years before we broke up.  He’s now married and I just got out of a relationship. Our son is now 10. I buy him gifts to give to his dad for his birthday and Father’s Day, but I don’t get nothing in return. He has a good job and can easily buy something for our son to give me on Mothers Day. But he never does which upsets me. Should I text him ahead of time and tell him how I feel?

Mia: Girl, please. Stop groveling for attention. Buy your own damn Mother's Day roses and stop trying to get something from a man who has clearly moved on.

Steve: I think Dad's a dud, but suggesting he do as you do is OK. You should be on board with his son respecting his mother.

My daughter has been dating the same young man since she was 16. He’s a sophomore in college and she graduates in a few weeks. He is taking summer classes at his school and she wants to go visit him for a weekend. Should we let her go? She’s still living under our roof but she will be off to college (a different one) in the fall.

Steve: You don't say how old she is now. If she is 18, she is an adult. It's tough call, but I suspect she will visit him with or without your consent, so I'd be cool.

Mia: Steve's right. That is a tough call. I would do my best to dissuade her by reminding her of all the new guys she's about to meet in college. Maybe a cleverly-timed family trip is in order. Anything to keep her mind off of going to stay with her boyfriend. Eventually, she will do what she wants but you don't have to co-sign.