Can you please tell me what is wrong with men these days? They seem more like boys than real men. They talk a good game but when it comes down to being in a relationship and settling down with a woman it’s always a  million excuses. The girls in my squad are all educated like me. We all went to college and have good jobs. We all have our own homes and are responsible people. But the men we meet are always more interested in playing video games than in taking us on real dates.  A few of us have tried online dating but we spend most weekends hanging out with each other instead of going out with men. We are all 25 except for my one friend who is 28. What are we doing wrong?

Steve:  Maybe you ought to look for men somewhat older than yourself because you want to move from boys to men.

Mia: What Steve said. As you probably realize, it takes men longer to mature than women so my advice is to skew your search much older. And once you meet someone, if he shows you any sign of being a Peter Pan type, run! Don't date anyone who's unemployed or underemployed. Don't date him if he still lives in his parents' basement. Don't date him if plays video games all the time. Don't date him if he abuses alcohol or other drugs. Don't date him if he promises to take you out and doesn't. Go to bars and nightspots that attract older people. Go to upscale places that a lot of younger men can't afford yet.  Don't give up completely on online dating. And when you go out, don't always go in a crowd. Sometimes it's easier to find dates when it's just you and one other woman.

I think I want to try being pegged. How do I broach the topic with my wife? She’s pretty conservative.

Mia: Maybe broach the topic of her donning a strap-on over dinner after a glass of wine — or two. But even then, the idea is going to shock her. The idea of her dominating you like that might be a huge turnoff. But if you'll never know for sure unless you try. Good lube and good luck.

Steve: You want to be anally penetrated and you want her help? And she's conservative? You might try telling her it's on your bucket list, but that will only work one time.