Halle Berry, who's been promoting The Call all over, and looking fine doing it, is preggers by her potent, virile fiancé, Olivier Martinez, at 47 her senior by a year. It's a Hollyvoid tradition: have kids in your 40s 'cuz you can. Halle has daughter Nahla, 5, from previous genetic material donor/arm decoration Gabriel Aubry, from whom she explosively sundered in 2010. TMZ reports that Halle's current passenger is male.

Stuff and nonsense

Flaky basketballer JaVale McGee of the Denver Nuggets joins farces with his ma, Pamela McGee, for a reality-TV joint, Millionaire Mama's Boy, on Oprah Winfrey's OWN. . . . Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, preggy, was at a Glasgow leisure center, shooting baskets. Took her eight tries to sink one. . . . Amanda Bynes says she has an eating disorder. So does preggy Kim Kardashian: She can't stay away from chalupas!!     . . . Prince Michael Jackson, son of Michael, is dating a real princess, Remi Alfalah of Kuwait. . . . WRNB-FM (100.3) wasn't fooling April 1. Almost all old staff were invited to scram, and RNB, lagging badly behind WDAS in recent ratings, is now Old School 100.3 with an oldies format. It'll be sans DJs for a bit. Still there: hip-hop royalty Lady B, the popular Tom Joyner syndicated show, and Dyana Williams.

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