High Maintenance

is about a weed-delivery guy, but it's really about so much more than a weed-delivery guy. It's about how we interact with each other and how we live our lives.

Created by Ben Sinclair (who also plays said weed-delivery guy) and Katja Blichfeld, High Maintenance started out as a web series, but will make the transition to HBO, where new episodes start next Friday. But HBO subscribers can catch up on the 19 webisodes - generally about 10 minutes long - before new episodes are telecast.

What always separated High Maintenance from other web series is its sophistication: It looked great, but it also had a depth that other web-only series couldn't capture in their short run times.

Sinclair as "The Guy" cycles around New York and acts as the connecting thread among people with no relation other than proclivity to toke. Some episodes are silly, others are sad. A surprisingly powerful episode ("Jonathan") features comedian Hannibal Burress trying to get over a recent trauma and dealing with the loneliness of being a touring comic. All of them are worth watching.

- M.E.
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