Dinner and a movie

Sunday night is Oscar night, and while you could go out to one of the parties around town (the Philadelphia Film Society has one, so does the Reel Cinemas' Narberth II, along with other cinefile groups), you could also stay in and cook a fabulous, movie-themed meal.

Philly food writer Tenaya Darlington (you may know her as a writer instructor at St. Joe's or as the cheese blogger Madame Fromage) teamed up with her brother André - also a food writer - for Turner Classic Movies: Movie Night Menus, a book for dinner and drink recipes inspired by the silver screen.

The book is Turner Classic Movies-branded, so the movies are mainly Golden Age classics (think The Apartment or Casablanca, complete with French 75), with a section on 1970s and '80s faves (dig that South Philly Supper-themed menu for Rocky!), but why not celebrate some of the best films of the past on a night that honors the best of the current era?

Because we also favor the Philadelphian (and because nothing beats the Hepburn-Grant one-two comedic punch), on Sunday we'll opt for the Darlington's Philadelphia Story-inspired meal, deemed "Lunch on the Main Line," that includes a Stinger cocktail (it's a classic) as well as an upscale cheesesteak with truffle brie that sounds absolutely decadent (and worth the calories).

Don't worry, we'll save room for popcorn.

- Molly Eichel
Turner Classic Movies: Movie Night Menus, Running Press, $22.