Their Finest

Funny and moving period drama about a woman (Gemma Arterton) in wartime London who stumbles into a job as a screenwriter on a propaganda movie. Witty, borderline screwball feminist comedy, wrapped in an emotionally powerful look at the uses of art. With Sam Claflin. 1 hr. 57



I Called Him Morgan In 1972, amid a blizzard, jazz trumpeter Lee Morgan was shot to death by his common-law wife, Helen. That fateful night at Slugs' looms large over the documentary from Kasper Collin, but, ultimately, the film is about the complex and messy lives that converge in creativity, the obstacles surmounted, and the losses left behind. 1 hr. 29. No MPAA rating (adult themes, drug use, murder, jazz)

In Search of Israeli Cuisine Philadelphia chef Michael Solomonov is the guide for this documentary portrait of the Israeli people told through food. The film will make you hungry as it profiles chefs, home cooks, vintners, and cheese-makers drawn from more than 100 cultures - Jewish, Arab, Muslim, Christian, Druze. 1 hr. 59 No MPAA rating