Veronica has the perfect life. Or so it seems.

The conflicted anti-heroine of Indiscretion, a steamy psychological thriller starring Oscar winner Mira Sorvino (Mighty Aphrodite) has it all: a successful practice as a psychiatrist, a well-heeled politician husband (Sugar Mountain's Cary Elwes) and a beautiful teenage daughter (Shadowhunters star Katherine McNamara).

Perfect, that is, until a sexy artist named Victor (Christopher Backus, Bosch, Roadies) enters her life.

A steamy psychological thriller co-written, co-produced and directed by John Stewart Muller (Fling), Indiscretion had a successful, well-reviewed run on Lifetime in July. Critics and fans found it topical, so much so that a few wondered if the film was based on a real-life politician and his wife. (It is not.)

Indiscretion was released Tuesday, March 28 on all major streaming sites, including iTunes, Amazon Video, Vudu and Google Play.

Muller, who wrote and produced the picture with longtime collaborator Laura Boersma, said the film delivers all the twists and turns of the genre, but it also retains a tongue-in-cheek, if not entirely satirical, edge.

Sorvino stars as the erstwhile perfect wife who has a wild fling with an artist, played by her real-life husband Backus.

The intense passion turns into obsession, then violence.

"My partner Laura and I … had an idea about doing a kind of throwback to those '80s films, I call them psychosexual thrillers," Muller said in a phone interview.

To give the film extra atmosphere, Muller shot it on location in New Orleans.

Indiscretion wears its influences on its sleeve, evoking an array of neo-noir flicks including Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct, Body Double, China Moon, Body Heat and the more recent Diane Lane scorcher Unfaithful.

Muller plays up the film's camp element in one of the film's trailers which has a wonderfully retro-'80s look:

Muller said Sorvino and Backus' were amused by the surreal dynamic created by the film, which has them share several intense, disturbing and violent scenes.

"They said it felt like they were having a  weird date night when they had to film these creepy stalker scenes, like a role-playing date night," Muller said.

"They were actually most nervous about the sex scenes," he added, "because it's such a private part of their real lives and something they would normally not put on display."


Released Tuesday, March 28 on all major streaming sites, including iTunesAmazon VideoVudu and Google Play.
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