Actor Miles Teller was reportedly arrested for public intoxication over the weekend in San Diego, but the Chester County native says he was only "detained" in the incident due to lack of evidence.

As Variety reports, Teller, 30, of Downingtown was out with friends after midnight on Sunday when an officer approached the group. Teller, according to a San Diego Police Department spokesperson, showed "signs of being under the influence of alcohol" at the time, and was detained for evaluation.

The War Dogs star reportedly lost his balance during questioning, and was taken into custody after police determined Teller as "unable to care for his own safety." Police, Variety reports, then gave Teller the option of going to a detox center to sober up.

Officer Billy Hernandez told the Los Angeles Times that Teller was uncooperative with staff at a detox center in the San Diego area, which prompted the actor's arrest for being drunk in public. The Times reports that Teller was booked at 2:09 a.m., and was in jail for roughly four hours before being released without bail.

The actor, however, denied reports of his arrest on Monday, writing that "there was no evidence to charge" him with a crime, so he was only "detained."

The actor also indicated that fans should not "believe everything [they] read."

Officer Hernandez disagreed with Teller's assessment of the situation, saying that the actor was indeed arrested. Teller, the Times reports, has not been formally charged.

"He was arrested and he was booked," Hernandez told the Times. "He was in jail."

Teller followed up his denial tweets with a tweet blaming "Shore Club" for the incident. PB Shore Club is a bar in the San Diego area.

Most recently, Teller appeared in Bleed for This, a boxing drama from Boiler Room director Ben Younger. He will appear in dramas Thank You for Your Service and Granite Mountain Hotshots later this year.