Actor Bruce Willis was spotted out on the town Thursday enjoying some dinner and drinks, though what brought him to town isn't exactly clear.

The Once Upon a Time in Venice star was first spotted in the evening at Scarpetta in Rittenhouse Square, where one source says he sipped a San Remo cocktail with a friend. Willis reportedly "hung out for a while," and was "gracious with both staff and guests," the source says.

From there, Willis moved over to Stephen Starr's Barclay Prime steakhouse, where he ate a steak at the bar, a separate source says.

Willis didn't drop any hints as to why he was in town that we've heard, but he has been connected in the news recently with local director M. Night Shyamalan, who is starting up a joint sequel to hits Unbreakable and Split dubbed Glass. Shyamalan typically films his movies at least partially in the area, as was the case with Split and Unbreakable, so Willis' presence in town for that would make sense.

The star, after all, played protagonist David Dunn in Unbreakable. A Philadelphia security guard who is impervious to injury or illness, Willis' Dunn takes up a life of crimefighting after meeting Samuel L. Jackson's Elijah Price.

Now, with Shyamalan having confirmed Glass earlier this year, it appears Dunn is coming back alongside James McAvoy's Kevin Wendell Crumb from Split. As Jackson told Collider last month, the flick is set to start rehearsing Sept. 18 before shooting begins on Sept. 25.

Currently, Glass is scheduled for release on Jan. 18, 2019.