CBS3 meteorologist Kate Bilo was hospitalized over the weekend after doctors found multiple blood clots in her lungs, the forecaster announced via social media today.

Bilo noted in a Facebook post that she drove herself to the emergency room at an area hospital on Saturday night after experiencing pain in her side and shoulder when taking deep breaths. Initially, Bilo writes, she thought she strained something while picking up her new baby, but was told by doctors following a CT scan that she had several blood clots in her lungs, also known as pulmonary embolisms.

"I was admitted to the hospital and immediately started anticoagulation treatment, and they tell me I will be fine," Bilo wrote, "though the pain remains for now and I will have to give myself many injections in the coming months."

In her note, Bilo also asked that supporters "keep me and my family in your thoughts," and that they "always listen to what your body is telling you."

"It would have been so easy for me to write off the pain as muscular or think 'I'm too busy to go to the ER,' " Bilo wrote. "And sometimes that's the difference between life and death."

Bilo gave birth to Solenne Marit Elisabeth late last month — her third child, and first daughter. Bilo joined CBS3 as a meteorologist in 2010, according to the station's website.