"Look who made it home safely!!!"

That's what an overjoyed Lucky Whitehead shared on Snapchat early Tuesday morning after paying at least part of a ransom demanded by a dognapper to ensure the safe return of his dog, Blitz.

On Sunday, the Cowboys wide receiver told NBC 5 in Dallas that he was in Florida when a friend who had been watching his home said someone broke in and stole some shoes and a bag. They also took Blitz.

Whitehead rushed to catch a flight back home, but while at the airport the wide receiver says he was contacted by the thieves who demanded $10,000 in exchange for the safe return of Blitz. Whitehead refused to pay that much, but did offer to pay "some cash" to ensure Blitz's safe return. He also contacted the police following the calls, but detectives said they couldn't be traced because they came from a "burner phone."

"We pretty much went everywhere together," Whitehead said on Monday. "It's killing me. It hurts because I don't know how he's being treated. I wasn't here to protect him. It's sickening."

Things got even more weird late Monday night, when a Dallas-area rapper named Boogotti Kasino posted a profanity-laden video with Blitz, claiming Whitehead needed to pay him $20,000 to get the dog back. Kasino claimed in a subsequent and equally NSFW tweet that he didn't steal Whitehead's dog —  he apparently was just asking  for the money he paid to ransom Blitz from the original dognappers.

At 4:32 a.m., Kasino posted a video showing Blitz being safely returned to Whitehead. It's unclear how much Whitehead paid the rapper for the return of the dog, or how Kasino even came into possession of Blitz.

Jerry Jones is scheduled to appear on NBC 5 Tuesday morning. As sports anchor Pat Doney noted on Twitter, it's "never dull covering the Dallas Cowboys."