NBC News anchor Megyn Kelly has been facing backlash recently over an interview with InfoWars founder and noted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones that is set to air this weekend, with many critics demanding that the segment be cut from the program.

Former NBC 10 reporter and current CNN anchor Don Lemon has weighed in on the controversy, recently telling TMZ that he would "rather not give [Jones] a platform" because the InfoWars head has "already admitted he doesn't believe what he says."

Speaking to the gossip site while at LAX, Lemon said that reporters enter "dark places" in their work, but sees Kelly's interview with Jones as unnecessary. Lemon pointed to Jones' controversial Sandy Hook shooting conspiracy theory, in which the Jones posits that the attack — which ended in the deaths of 20 children and six adults — was a "false flag" attack conducted by the United States government.

"The Sandy Hook thing is disgusting," Lemon said. "He's admitted in court documents for his divorce that he doesn't believe in what he's saying. He's playing a character."

Lemon was referring to the child custody dispute in which Jones was involved earlier this year. As part of his defense against ex-wife Kelly Jones, Jones' lawyer, Randall Wilhite, told a Texas court that the InfoWars host is a "performance artist playing a character." Jones lost primary custody of his three children in April.

Following the announcement of the interview, several parents of Sandy Hook victims began slamming Kelly, and calling for the interview to be pulled. Some advertisers has also reportedly pulled their ads from NBC as a result of the controversy, and Kelly herself was nixed as host at an upcoming Sandy Hook victims benefit event.

Kelly, however, has since defended the interview, writing on social media that she hoped to "shine a light" on Jones' "considerable falsehoods."

The interview is set to air on Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly at 7 p.m. Sunday.