Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins stopped by Live with Kelly and Ryan on Monday, where he talked the Birds' Super Bowl win and played a little catch with hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.

In an interview with Jenkins, Seacrest asked the two-time Super Bowl champ about the Eagles' pre-game ritual. As team captain, Jenkins had to psych the team up, which he did by telling them to just be themselves, leading to a 41-33 win for the Birds of the New England Patriots last week.

"I basically told them, 'Look, if you want to be Super Bowl champions, we're 60 minutes away from having the world championship, the first one in Philadelphia. We get the banner on the stadium and everything,'" he said. "'All you have to do is be yourself. Being ourselves got us there. We had everything we needed. We always break it down to, 'We all we got, we all we need.' We pulled it through."

Ripa, a South Jersey native, also discussed with Jenkins how long Eagles fans have been waiting for a win.

"I don't really think you understand what you did," she said. "You really have to be from that area to understand the suffering of the Eagles fan."

Ripa and Seacrest capped their interview with Jenkins with a short game of catch outside the New York City studio where Live is recorded. Ripa served a quarterback, while Jenkins played receiver and Seacrest took defense.

The first throw almost ended in an interception by Seacrest, but on the second try, Jenkins triumphed. Seacrest, for his part, blamed the catch on Jenkins' height, saying that "he's taller than we are," but Ripa seemed to recognize that the hosts' football days have long since passed.

"We're going to not quit our day jobs," Ripa said.