Between the Jersey Shore reunion, MTV Beach House reboot, and Bravo's ongoing The Real Housewives of New Jersey train wreck, you'd think TV producers have had just about enough of New Jersey.

And you'd be wrong.

As reports, MTV this fall will debut a Garden State-centric spin-off of its popular Teen Mom series. Dubbed Teen Mom New Jersey, the show will reportedly follow up to five young New Jersey moms as they navigate motherhood, according to gossip site Teen Mom Junkies. Teen Mom Talk Now reports all the teens will be from South Jersey, citing sources and a photo taken at the Cumberland County Fair. (This wouldn't be the only time Teen Mom has focused on the area. Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is from Whitehall Township, and others from 16 & Pregnant were from this region.)

Which, of course, may explain reports this summer that MTV crews were spotted in Jersey filming for an unknown series. The network, however, has not yet revealed an official synopsis or list of cast members; details about the series are minimal.

Teen Mom spun off from MTV's 16 & Pregnant in 2009. The show quickly became one of MTV's most popular properties. In the years since it launched, the series has inspired followups including Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom 3, and led to the celebrity (or infamy, depending on your perspective) of former stars, including sometime porn actress Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood, who has made tabloid headlines for her jail and rehab stints. The show finished  its sixth  season in November.

Predictably, many social media users didn't appreciate the idea of bringing the show to Jersey:

Regardless, though, it looks like the show is still coming this fall.

Sorry, New Jersey. One day, the pain will stop.