Sylvester Stallone has been in town since the beginning of the month working on Creed II, but this week, he took some time out of his shooting schedule for an important meeting at Lincoln Financial Field.

As Stallone showed in an Instagram post on Wednesday, the trailer he is staying in while shooting Creed II is parked outside of the Linc, where the movie is currently filming. That's particularly good for Sly, seeing as he "idolized the Eagles football team" as a kid, according to an Instagram post.

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Stallone also let his Eagles fandom be known during the Eagles' Super Bowl LII run, writing on Instagram in February that while he has "tremendous respect for Tom Brady and the Patriots," he predicted a Birds victory "by knockout." The Eagles went on to defeat the Patriots 41-33 for the teams first Super Bowl win ever.

Like many Philadelphians, Sly, it seems, has been a long-suffering Eagles fan. In fact, by the time he first appeared as Rocky — perhaps the most beloved Philadelphia film character ever — in 1976, he'd still have to wait more than 40 years for the Birds' first big win.

So, naturally, he was pretty excited to get a chance to hold the Eagles' first-ever Lombardi Trophy. Or, rather, given his outfit — a black fedora with a dark sweater and gray t-shirt, a la Creed — maybe Rocky actually got to hold the trophy.

"The Philadelphia Eagles world championship Lombardi Trophy right in front of me," Stallone wrote in a caption of him holding the trophy on Instagram. "It took over half a century of blood, sweat, and tears for these incredible athletes, fans, and city to finally win this. Sometimes even the character Rocky loses control."

Stallone's connection with Philadelphia, however, is a little deeper than football and Rocky. The actor actually lived in Philly in the 1960s, and briefly attended Lincoln High School while living in a house in the city's Holme Circle neighborhood. According to a 2015 Inquirer article, Stallone even attended Northeast High School's prom in 1965, though his date, Ellen Blum, knew him as "Mike."

"It was a shame, really. All the girls had dates who were family friends rather than boyfriends," Blum told the Inquirer. "We girls had a ball hanging out together at the prom, but the boys, who didn't know each other, were mostly left to themselves."

Sly came back to town earlier this month to start production on Creed II, which is currently scheduled for a Nov. 21 release. The film brings back Rocky IV villain Ivan Drago, who killed Apollo Creed in that film, and reportedly pits the villain's son against Adonis Creed, Apollo's son and Rocky's protege.

As part of his visit to Philly, Stallone previously appeared at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where he visited sculptor A. Thomas Schomberg's original Rocky statue in a media event. Rocky (re)Runs, an art exhibit at the Da Vinci Art Alliance in South Philly, plans to examine the statue as art in an interview with Schomberg later this month.

"It's like I never left here," Stallone said at the Rocky statue. "I am Philly. Philly is me. My life began here, you know?"