In David Ayer's upcoming Netflix film Bright, star Will Smith finally has someone to discriminate against.

But he had to wait for a film with co-stars including elves, orcs, and fairies, as the actor said a recent San Diego Comic-Con appearance.

The film, scheduled for a Dec. 22 release via the streaming service, takes place in a world where usually mythical creatures actually exist. Naturally, like people, those creatures need to be policed, and Smith plays a Los Angeles Police department officer charged with the task. His partner (played by Joel Edgerton) also happens to be an orc, which doesn't sit well with Smith's character as the two work to protect a magical wand.

"It was really great to be an African-American police officer who found someone to be racist against," Smith said Thursday, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

As CBS reports, the Philly native also added that "you never get to be racist when you're black." However, with Bright, Smith was "like 'Look, man, I don't want no orcs in my car,'" as the actor said last week.

Smith also described the film as having the "rated-R grind of Training Day" crossed with Lord of the Rings. Fans were able to see what he meant for themselves with the premiere of the film's full trailer, which has since been posted online:

Co-star Edgerton, meanwhile, provided a little insight for fans on what it's like to film a movie with Will Smith. The Zero Dark Thirty star donned prosthetic orc makeup for his character in the film, but still was unable to get a second glance from passersby when he was with Smith.

"Nobody cared that a monster was driving a car in LA," Edgerton said. "Everyone was like, 'Will! Hey, Will!'"