With the general consensus favorable for Rogue One and it's lead, Jyn Erso - played by Felicity Jones - some fans of the film are bummed that things don't look too good for Jyn and the other main characters at the film's end.

However, there is an interesting clause in Jones' contract, in which she would do another film.

Now, being caught in a blinding flash by what seems to be the "Star Wars" equivalent of a nuclear weapon would seem to preclude us from ever seeing Jyn on the big screen again, but we are talking science-fiction here - and the potential for billions of dollars in "Star wars"-Jyn erso revenue.

So let's examine the possibilities, in no particular order.

1.) "JYN? SHE'S DEAD"  - It is possible that the clause was inserted before the reshoots of "Rogue One" occurred and that Jyn was originally supposed to survive, but now has not. While the most likely, this is also the least fun to consider.

2.) JYN APPEARS IN UPCOMING "HAN SOLO" SOLO FILM! - This makes sense on a lot of levels, especially considering the fact that there still seems to be a lack of enthusiasm for a Harrison Ford-less solo film (scheduled to come out in May, 2018), With the film telling the story of Solo's smuggling past, it would make sense for him to run across Jyn, who would have likely run in the same circles. With lead Alden Ehrenreich still being looked upon suspiciously by "Star Wars" fans, having Jones' Erso in the film would help draw her fans - and make for more of a kickbutt adventure. It would also be fun to see Solo dropping her off right before we see her imprisoned in Rogue One.

3.) JYN CAN BECOME ONE OF "THE KNIGHTS OF REN" - This would actually be pretty cool. For the uninitiated, "The Knights of Ren" is a dark side organization that operates under the command of Snoke, the Supreme Leader of the First Order, of which Kylo Ren is a member. The idea that they could "resurrect" Jyn is not far-fetched, seeing as the Midi-chlorians sought by the Sith and Jedi and considered responsible for the Force itself were powerful enough to have Anakin Skywalker be conceived without a father. Seeing a resurrected, evil Jyn versus Daisy Ridley's Rey would be epic.

4.) JYN APPEARS IN SOLO 'BOBA FETT" PREQUEL FILM - This film is not yet on the schedule, but is considered very likely. Reasons would be similar to those for having her in the "Han Solo" film, with Jyn again being left right before we see her in Rogue One.

5.) JYN's MOTHER LYRA SAVES HER - It is clear from the film - and the prequel book, Catalyst - that Jyn's mom is "one with the Force." She seemingly dies in a scene in which she basically forces herself to be cut down. Could she be like Obi-Wan Kenobi in A New Hope and grow even stronger? Could she have saved her daughter at the last second?

6.) JYN'S DAD, GALEN, SAVED HER - Yes, Jyn's father Galen reaches room temperature before it looks like his daughter does. However, he also puts a pendant with a Khyber crystal around his daughter's neck before he bites the dust. The scene seems meaningless right now, but what if the reason for the Khyber crystal is that it is attuned to The Force and would protect her? That would be really amazing.

7.) THE FLASHING LIGHT WAS ACTUALLY A SHIP'S LIGHTS  SAVING CASSIAN AND JYN? OR THEY WERE BOTH TELEPORTED? These are the least likely, but still possible. Would also make it less lame that they just let themselves be atomized.