It seems like Ben Affleck is one miserable Dark Knight.

According to a person close to the production of the anticipated solo Bat-flick, The Batman, the actor is extremely unhappy with the role and wants out of the solo movie - and the entire DC cinematic universe!
This is a stunning about-face, when only recently the Oscar-winner was so excited about bringing his version of the iconic character to life, he was on board to direct the solo film and co-wrote a script with legendary DC Comics writer Geoff Johns.
But the script by Affleck and Johns was replaced with a rewritten script by Chris Terrio (ironically an Oscar-winner for Affleck's Argo), who was responsible for scripting the horrifically received Batman v. Superman, which led to Affleck no longer wanting to direct.
Now, he no longer wants to play the character AT ALL!
"He hates it! he wants out," said my source. "The entire damn production is a hot mess!"
The source reveals interference by "the suits" has killed Affleck's enthusiasm for the project - and may kill the solo film altogether.
"His movie has become too much of a headache! Creatively, a lot of top folks are butting heads over the direction of the project," the source said. "There were plans to scrap the whole damn thing at one point!"
So, what looked like it might be the best Bat-film ever, with an Academy Award-winning writer and director engaged in the project and Johns on board to make sure the story made fans happy, is now in chaos.
"He hopes they find a replacement," concluded the source. "He doesn't want to play Batman anymore."