LOS ANGELES - While John Goodman has had a truly fascinating film career in everything from The Big Lebowski to Trumbo - there aren't a lot of big-budget blockbusters on his resume.

So why did he say yes to Kong: Skull Island, which is big in every way - from the budget to the monsters?

"Kong," he said simply. "Just Kong. I had flashbacks to when I was a kid..I REALLY, REALLY loved King Kong as a kid. (Then) when I was older, I got to appreciate how it was made. Yeah, you can't beat old King Kong. You fall in love with him."

What also intrigued Goodman was shooting on location in Vietnam - as well as Hawaii and Eastern Australia.

""I stole a car in Vietnam," he joked. "Actually, (Kong) is the first Western film that shot there, as I was informed..It was cold in Vietnam, most of the time."

Goodman was also pleased to reunite with Brie Larson, who he didn't get to spend too much screen time with during the shooting of their 2014 film, The Gambler.

"I wanted to get through as much of King Kong without talking to Brie Larson," he joked. "Because we did  a whole other picture and we never met each other. So I wanted to see how far we could continue that on this film!"

Turning serious, Goodman said he has nothing but admiration and respect for his costar.

"She was like a den mother," Goodman said. "She would arrange weekends where we could unwind and we would call then "Brie-kends!"

But in the  end, Goodman said it all comes back to the power - and love of - King Kong himself.

"King Kong's sort of a made myth, begun in the first quarter of our movie century. It's been around a long time. It becomes part of the lexicon," Goodman said. "King Kong has become not only an American myth, but a global one. It deals with the fear of the unknown - and I have a healthy belief in fear."