Sidi Toure. A West African guitarist whose new album, Toubalbero, takes its name from the traditional drum whose beat calls people to gather in the Malian region of Gao. Toure's music casts a spell in the tradition of trance-blues greats like Tinariwen and Ali Farka Toure. Part of the Crossroads Music series at the Calvary Center in West Philadelphia.

Ty Segall. The prolific California garage rocker makes so much music it can be hard to keep track, but his 2017 double disc Freedom's Goblin is a freewheeling psychedelic adventure that's as good a place to start as any, marked by a just-married joyful take on life that seems to have jazzed Segall up to write catchier tunes than ever. Purling Hiss and Dark Web are also on the bill. Sunday at the Trocadero.

Azealia Banks, "Anna Wintour." The always-beefing "212" rapper and singer Azealia Banks named this catchy Junior Sanchez-produced track from her forthcoming Fantasea II after the editor of Vogue, whom she apparently has no beef with.  Banks, who has picked online fights with Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Cardi B., and many others, many others, says her new song is about "finding peace and finding God." It's also got a cool animated Josie & the Pussycats-style lyric video.

Wild, Wild Country. The highly binge-able six-hour Netflix documentary directed by brothers Chaplain and Maclain Way tells the story of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the Rolls-Royce-collecting guru whose followers established a massive settlement in northern Oregon in the 1980s called Rajneeshpuram. It's a quintessentially American tale of piety and paranoia, sex and salmonella poisoning, with a rock star of a villain-slash-antihero in Ma Anand Sheela, the Bhagwan's trash-talking personal secretary. The film makes deft use of brooding Americana songwriters such as Marlon Williams, Kevin Morby, Damien Jurado, and Bill Callahan, whose song "Drover" inspired the title.

War on Women. The co-ed feminist hardcore punk fivesome formed in 2011 in Baltimore come to town behind their full-speed-ahead clenched-fist manifesto Capture the Flag, which, along with frontwoman Shawna Potter, features Bikini Kill founder Kathleen Hannah and punk porn star Joanna Angel. With the Up Up Ups and Sick S-. Sunday at Boot & Saddle.