Elton John kicks off his three-year Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour next week, starting with a show in Allentown on Sunday and then playing the Wells Fargo Center on Tuesday and Wednesday.

And already, the British piano man is in a Philly state of mind. John has recently used his Rocket Hour show on Apple Beats 1 radio to sing the praises of 215 piano-pounder Adam Weiner and his raucous rock-and-roll band Low Cut Connie, and this week he goes full Philly.

When not paying tribute to Aretha Franklin, he's expounding on the virtues of Philadelphia soul, and spinning many of his favorite TSOP sides.

On Rocket Hour, presented at noon on Saturday for Apple Music subscribers and available for free live streaming at  apple.co/B1_EltonLive, he talks about playing the old original Electric Factory when he was on his way up as an artist, and how much Phillly music has meant to him over the year.

Here's a transcript from the show:

Philadelphia has always been a fantastic place for me to play. First time I played there was 1970 when I played the Electric Factory, and I remember at the grand piano — it wasn't a grand piano — it was a grand, but it was a small baby grand, and it had two legs at the front, and no legs at the bottom, so we had prop it up with orange boxes. That night, before I played, into my dressing room walked The Band and they'd come down to see me play and of course, they were my heroes.