Is the Boss headed up the New Jersey Turnpike to the Great White Way?

The New York Post is reporting that Bruce Springsteen will play eight weeks of shows, five nights a week at the Walter Kerr Theatre in midtown Manhattan, most likely in November.  A request for confirmation (or denial) by Springsteen's representatives was not immediately returned.

How small is the Walter Kerr Theatre? Pretty small. It holds 975 people, or fewer that Philadelphia area venues like the Trocadero and Keswick Theater. It's closer in size to the  Theater of Living Arts and World Cafe Live.

How quickly will these shows sell out, if in fact they do take place? Very quickly.

There's no indication that the shows' location is signaling that the dates would be theatrical events, any more than Springsteen 's marathon shows always are. It's also not known whether they would be solo dates or find him backed by other musicians. Springsteen guitarist Steve Van Zandt has a new album of his own called Soulfire and is expected to spend time on the road with his own band, so that would potentially free the Boss up to play solo or in some other stripped down format without convening the full E Street  Band.

NY Post writer Michael Riedel suggest that the shows could be the first steps towards turning Springsteen's 2016 memoir into a Broadway musical, a la Jersey Boys or Fela. That sounds like a bad, potentially really corny idea to me. Let's hope it's not true, unless Lin-Manuel Miranda is involved.