GQ  magazine profiles Queen Village's own Jake Tapper in its May issue, and amid revelations about his protein-rich diet — courtesy of his "friend Paul Rudd," who adopted it while in training for Ant-Man — and the admiration of his "white anchor teeth," there is this anatomy-rich description of the look the CNN anchor sometimes gets while listening to guests he might not totally believe:

"The Jake Tapper WTF Face contains multitudes," writes Taffy Brodesser-Akner in "CNN's Jake Tapper Is the Realest Man in 'Fake News.' "

"There is the JTWTFF that is a mere frown, the depressor supercilii muscles creating a hood over his downward-turning, disappointed eyes. There is the JTWTFF wherein the muscles you'd most associate with the apples of the cheeks rise to his eyes while his eyebrows reach skyward toward that hair. Me? My favorite Jake Tapper WTF Face is the one where his eyebrows arch but also corrugate into small bowl-shaped caterpillars, and his frontalis, the muscle of the forehead, rises and lowers at the same time, all of which forces his glabella to form a very satisfying omega sign."

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