The fourth season of Bosch won't premiere until April 13, but the Amazon Prime Video series starring Philly's Titus Welliver as LAPD Detective Harry Bosch has already been renewed for a fifth, the streaming service announced Tuesday.

The series, based on Michael Connelly's bestselling mysteries, also stars Jamie Hector (The Wire) as Bosch's partner, Jerry Edgar, as well as Amy Aquino, Madison Lintz, and, another veteran of The Wire,  Lance Reddick.

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Bosch is Amazon's longest-running one-hour show.

"I could not be prouder of the show we are making. Bosch is entertaining and relevant to our world today," Connelly said in a prepared statement released by Amazon. "On top of that we have a fantastic writing staff and the cast and crew are the best. We feel we are just hitting our stride. Season four is based on [his book] Angels Flight, and I don't think we could have chosen a more timely story to tell."

Here's how Amazon describes the upcoming 10-episode season:

"When an attorney is murdered on the eve of his civil rights trial against the LAPD, Bosch is assigned to lead a task force to solve the crime before the city erupts in a riot. Bosch must pursue every lead, even if it turns the spotlight back on his own department. One murder intertwines with another, and Bosch must reconcile his past to find a justice that has long eluded him."