Could the best cheesesteak in Philly actually be in … New Jersey?

That's the outrageous claim Barry Goldberg (Troy Gentile) will be making in next week's episode of  The Goldbergs (8 p.m. Wednesday, ABC) when he comes upon his father (Jeff Garlin) and grandfather (George Segal) engaged in the classic Philadelphian debate of Pat's-vs.-Geno's (while eating cheesesteaks whose origins are likely somewhere closer to the show's Culver City, Calif., studio).

In real life, Gentile has been to Pat's.

In September, after a long day of events in Philadelphia for Goldbergs Day that included the real Barry Goldberg throwing out the first pitch at Citizens Bank Park, Gentile asked for a detour by the  shuttle bus driver taking him and several friends and family members of the show's Jenkintown-raised creator, Adam F. Goldberg, back to their hotel. When we got to Pat's, cheesesteaks were definitely purchased, though I can't say I ever actually saw Gentile try one.

Here's a clip from next week's episode: