Q: Why in the world would Amber Rose imply that Philadelphia is kind of ugly compared to other cities? She was BORN in Philadelphia herself! She's obviously a beautiful woman so she apparently thinks she's the only one. Maybe she hasn't been to some cities where she'd be considered just average! Not to mention she's also bisexual and she's probably made them mad, too. What do you think?

Mia:  Yes, Amber Rose is attractive but she's not the only beautiful person from Philly. Far from it. What about Pink, the singer? She's from Philly. Or how about Eve, the rapper? Richard Gere's from Philly, as is Bradley Cooper. I could go on and on. My point is that Philly isn't hurting for good-looking jawns.  They're everywhere and I'm not talking just about celebrities. Clearly, Miss Thing's ego is even bigger than that sizable booty of hers.  It's one thing to think something like that and a whole other thing to broadcast it. Besides, I thought she was a feminist and all about getting men not to slut-shame women. Now here she is trying to look-shame other females. I can't. Get outta here with that. You're out of the Philly club. Girl, bye.

Steve: Well, Amber appears to have changed her mind, according to a column in Thursday's paper. She's apologized, and rightly so. While the nation is more mixed than ever, there are still places considered nicer than others. Having lived in Missouri for a decade, then moving to Pennsylvania and New Jersey, I gasped a little. But that was wrong. There are wonderful men and women in Pa., N.J. and Delaware. In fact, I met my wife in Pa. (although she was born in Ohio.) Actually, I'm getting confused here when I'm trying to be nice. I can see how Amber slipped, without intending to. I defer to Mia.

Q: The Phillies planned to add Pete Rose to the team's Wall of Fame next weekend and then canceled when they learned Rose in the 1970s had sex with a girl who was supposedly under the age of 16! This is the second bad action and lie by Rose — the first one, back in 1989, was betting on baseball teams when he was a team manager. Maybe his great numbers as a hitter would make him a sure Hall of Fame guy if it were in football. There are criminals in the NFL who have been honored. Why is baseball so fussy and football accepting anything?

Steve: Baseball's Hall of Fame has always been tougher because in 1919 it discovered that the Chicago White Sox were losing games in exchange for money. When the Hall of Fame was created in 1936, behavior beyond baseball was made part of the rules. Years later, when the NFL was founded, the rules were strictly connected to the sport, not a variety of behavior. That doesn't mean you can kill someone in NFL, but behavior is analyzed far closer to the game-only than with baseball players. Rose's behavior is so bad, I think he'd be having the same trouble in the NFL. But his behavior in Major League Baseball is likely to never be accepted.

Mia:  Rose has admitted to having a sexual relationship with the girl he believed was just 16 and he was married. That's really slimy. Good for the folks at the Hall of Fame and the Phillies for not just doing a wink-wink and ignoring it. As for football, I'm not sure everything is just accepted. I've been watching Colin Kaepernick, who's trying to find a team to sign him. So far, no takers.

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