The Jewish festival of Purim starts Saturday, Feb. 23, and perhaps the best-known Purim treats are hamantashen - those cookie-like, triangle-shaped pastries that are also spelled hamentaschen and hamentashen.

Stephanie Singer of the Bubbi Project, writing in the Jewish Exponent, runs 'em down for us. Sure, everyone hankers for the main flavors - cherry, poppy, prune and apricot - but would you believe caramelized onion?

Stephanie tracked down blogger Amy Kritzer of "What Jew Wanna Eat," who prefers to think of hamantashen as a "blank canvas for flavors."

She also gets a recipe for rock-and-roll hamantashen from her friend who is catering chef for Live Nation Concerts. (It's here.)

And she includes a round-up of shops that sell hamantashen both at Purim time and year-round, as well as a New York hamantashan round-up.

Wait. Wouldn't such a list be a triangle-up?

Article is here.