For veggie burger aficionados and anyone in search of convincing meat substitutes, the Beyond Burger is a game-changer.

The plant-based patty from the Beyond Meat in Los Angeles, available in the fresh meat cases at Whole Foods and other grocery stores, was engineered to mimic the taste and texture of beef. The ready-to-cook vegan burger, made primarily from peas, is soy- and gluten-free.

The quarter-pounders are colored pink with beets to replicate the look of raw meat. It sizzles when cooked, smells like barbecue, and even develops a char on the outside while maintaining a softer center. It tastes rich, juicy, and satisfying, especially when combined with traditional burger accompaniments.

Last month, a Beyond Burger was added to the menu at Philadelphia's BurgerFi. Dressed up with lettuce, tomato, and onion, it doesn't look or taste out of place alongside the chain's other offerings. Vegetarian-friendly Philadelphia was one of several locations selected to test-market the burger, which will be available at BurgerFi through the end of the year.

Beyond Burger, $5.99 for two quarter-pound patties at Whole Foods locations and selected grocery stores;