An unusual flavor of jam or preserves is an easy way to add interest to a cheese board. When recommending their favorites, the experts at Di Bruno Bros. sometimes suggest Brins banana jam, a sweet, fruity condiment that's delicious when combined with peanut butter.

The Brooklyn company, formerly known as Stagg, produces small-batch jams and marmalade in sweet and savory flavors. Other varieties include chili pepper, strawberry lemongrass, rosemary grapefruit, cherry chai, and lemon saffron.

Made from bananas, cane sugar, lemon juice, and vanilla bean, the banana jam has a rich texture and strong, vibrant fruit flavor. It pairs especially well with firmer, nuttier varieties of cheese. Spread on a slice of bread with peanut butter, it makes for an addictive sandwich.

Brins banana jam, $8.99 at Di Bruno Bros., 1730 Chestnut St. and 834 Chestnut St.; or