For a few weeks this fall, ReAnimator Coffee is selling bags of whole beans from Kenya with a deep, bright flavor redolent of blackberry jam.

The single origin, limited-release Mugaya gets its name from the factory where the beans came from, in Kenya's Kirinyaga region. Its jammy flavor is accented with lemony citrus notes, as well as a hint of clove. The flavor is bright, acidic, and clean.

"It's a little bit tart, but it's so sweet and syrupy in another way that it balances itself," said Matt Scottoline, director of coffee for ReAnimator.

ReAnimator roasted only about 500 pounds of the beans, Scottoline said, because the flavors lose freshness after four to six weeks.

"The Mugaya that tastes amazing now, in three months it might not be bad, but it probably won't taste the same," he said.

Mugaya single-origin coffee, $22 for a 10-oz., whole-bean bag; ReAnimator Coffee, 310 Master St. and 1523 E. Susquehanna Ave.;