As children in New England, brothers Georges, Pascal and Reginald Marcellus helped their Haitian parents make tea from ginger root, a warm and faintly spicy drink that could soothe a sore throat, settle an upset stomach, or warm cold hands on a winter day.

Two years ago, the brothers founded Dorpare Tea, a line of organic ginger root tea flavored with fruit that evokes the tastes of their youth. This year, Dorpare, which is sold in eight states, moved its manufacturing from Washington to Philadelphia, where it's carried exclusively at Green Aisle grocery stores.

The ginger loose-leaf tea comes in four varieties: turmeric and lime; raspberry; lemon; and pineapple. The turmeric and lime flavor creates a bright, almost currylike color when steeped. The ginger gives it a warm spiciness, and hints of citrus make it taste refreshing even when it's hot.

— Allison Steele

Dorpare Tea, $15 at Green Aisle grocery stores; 2241 Grays Ferry Ave. or 1618 E. Passyunk Ave.;