Sunday marks the start of Philly Wine Week, an eight-day celebration of the fermented grape hosted by the city's most wine-obsessed bars and restaurants.

Whether you venture out or order in, it's a great time to break out of your wine routine and try something new.

For example, fans of cabernet sauvignon, malbec, and merlot could seek out a new grape to feed their big-red jones.

Syrah, aka shiraz, is one of France's  finest wine grapes, yet it has little in the way of name recognition because it so often flies under the radar in blends. Its distinctive traits are prominent in this example sourced from vineyards on California's Central Coast -- inky purple color, turbocharged flavors of blueberry pie and blackberry jam, and the faint nose-tickling hint of cracked pepper associated with the wine grapes of France's Rhône Valley.

Francis Coppola, "Diamond Collection" Syrah-Shiraz, California, $12.99 (sale price through April 2, Regularly $15.99); PLCB Item #6807.