This summer, Kimberly Cuthbert decided to give the people what they wanted. What they wanted was slices of her cheesecake dipped in chocolate and frozen on ice cream sticks.

Cuthbert, owner of Sweet Jazmines Pastry Shop in Berwyn, debuted the frozen chocolate cheesecake pops, which she dubbed "Frochoche," several years ago as a special item. They were popular, but they fell by the wayside as she got busy adding more items to her display cases.

Her customers never forgot them, so this year Cuthbert brought them back for the summer. They are available in rotating flavors that include strawberry vanilla dipped in white chocolate, which tastes like a cross between a strawberry milkshake and a Creamsicle; bananas Foster, which is sweet and refreshing; and creamy cheesecake dipped in dark chocolate, which is reminiscent of a Dove Bar.

Frochoche, $5.50 at Sweet Jazmines Pastry Shop, 15 Bridge Ave., Berwyn;